Back to School Season: Pressing the Refresh Button

By: Claire Cook, Regular Contributor


My absolute favorite season is back to school season. Even more than the love I have for the crisp fall air and colorful foliage that I grew up associating with going back to school, and what I will sadly forego this year as a resident of Los Angeles, is the love I have of the refresh button. January 1 is the start of the new calendar year but back to school season offers a reminder that we can always continue learning and revive our mindset.


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I’ve always come back big after Labor Day: new fall clothes (no white included), new hair, and new thinking cap on. As a student, I relished the unknown of the year ahead: what I would learn in my new classes, how well I would do (#nerd) and what new friends and classmates I would meet. As a working adult, back to school season ignites a fire for upcoming Q4 and the desire to end the fiscal year on a high. As the daughter of a newly retired senior citizen, I’m witnessing my mother re-entering school as a tutor for at risk teens as an auditing student at a local university. It doesn’t matter what age you are, back to school season is time for all of us to step back, reflect, and start over.

This back to school season, my goal is to stop relying on my plans--I plan everything big and small in advance--and to be more flexible. Rather than living by a perfectly planned out schedule, I want to learn how to use that schedule as a template for living in the moment. What do you want to refresh? Personal, romantic, professional, set a goal for what you want to change and change it. Even if you’re not in school and even if the season doesn’t change, at least if you live in Southern California, you can still take on the back to school mentality. It’s time to press the refresh button.

About Claire: Claire “Bear” Cook is a regular contributor to I AM THAT GIRL who spends her days working in marketing at a multimedia company in Los Angeles. Having lived in New York City for 3 years and grown up on the East Coast, she moved to LA in 2013 on a leap of faith to build her career and broaden her perspective. Claire is passionate about travel, running, music, karaoke, walruses & wine and enjoys spending her free time with free-thinking, creative & positive people.


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