Australia: Day One

I traveled to Australia and New Zealand with my mom, for a bit of work and mostly play. I�m one of those lucky girls who have a mom who also somehow got cast to be my best friend. So allow me to begin with day one, or pre-day one. On the way to the airport, I was eating Papa John�s pizza out of the box trying to get one last meal in before my 14-hour flight. Five minutes into the car ride, I dropped the garlic butter dipping sauce down my entire shirt and pants. Not only does it inconveniently look as though I�ve wet my pants, but worse, I reek of an Italian chef who just clocked out.

Naturally I laugh it off because if there is one thing I take pride in about myself it’s that I have a pretty good sense of humor when “inconvenience” rears its ugly head and attempts to intervene with my good mood. I walked in t

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