Are You Present On The Journey?

By: Courtney Giardina, Regular Contributor

There are 168 hours in a week. That’s 8736 hours in a year. What do you do for a majority of those hours? How do you build your world around the time you’re given?

I’ve spent a lot of time lately thinking about life and the way we live it. How we’re always working towards that next promotion or waiting for the day we can take another vacation. We spend our lives dreaming about finding “the one,” the day we can live where we want to live and drive the car that we want to drive, while in the midst of it all time is being wasted and life is passing us by.

I learned a long time ago that the journey is so much more important than the destination. That the here and now are what really matter, not tomorrow or a year from now. We try so hard to get where we want to be someday that we forget how grateful we should be that we have today.

For those of us still in school, we count down the days until graduation. When we can put on that cap and gown and walk across the stage to start the newest chapter in our lives. And yes, when you get there, it should be an exciting moment for you. You earned it, you deserve to celebrate. But don’t focus so much on that day that you forget to enjoy the football games, the slumber parties, the dances and the friendships along the way. Those are the things that are important right now. The things that someday you’ll look back on and smile about.


For the workaholic who spends evenings and weekends in the office trying to climb that ladder. I see your light on up there alone in that skyscraper. You’re telling yourself that those extra hours will all be worth it someday when you have that big corner office with window views of the city. And gosh, I know that when that day comes it will feel amazing. But don’t spend so much time tucked away behind that desk that you miss dinners with your family, girl’s nights out, gymnastics meets, and tee-ball games.

And what happens when we reach that destination? Does our journey end? No, we find something else to conquer, another path to take, and we start all over again. So stop focusing so much on the end goal and start living for the moment. Take a little time to look around you and see the beauty in today. Think about all the things that you’re learning, all the memories you’re making that will make reaching the top of that ladder or holding that high school or college degree that much more special.

The journey we embark on each and every day has mountains, canyons and potholes. It’s not always a yellow brick road, but would arriving at our destination be just as sweet if we overcome all of those and found so many amazing things along the way?

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Slow down, look around, breathe it in. It's not just the journey, it's YOUR journey. Make every step count.

  • Grab your favorite journal or notebook. At the end of each day write down 3 things that surprised you, 3 things that delighted you, and 3 things you learned. Plug into the present and ENJOY your journey!

About Courtney

cgiardina.jpgCourtney was born and raised in a suburb outside of Rochester, NY. She now calls Charlotte, NC home. Each day she lives by the motto that we create the life we imagine for ourselves. Her debut novel Tear Stained Beaches was released in 2013, her second novel is currently in editing and she has begun work on novel #3. Having a passion for cheerleading most of her life, it’s no surprise her spare time is spent currently as the head coach for a local middle school team and also as part of the Charlotte Hounds Major League Lacrosse dance team. She tweets under @sweetangeleyz and shares her latest adventures at The Girl Behind the Covers.




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