Are You a Not-Know-It-All?

By: Lauren Freier, Guest Blogger

Reflecting back on my school days, there was always that one person in class who felt compelled to voice how perfect he/she was at any given subject or task, impermeable to error or flaws, and unfortunately that person did not retire on graduation day. Instead, know-it-all’s are still very present in the real world, threatening both my confidence and my patience, and testing my strength to resist defeat. One key difference, however, between my current and younger backpack-wearing self is the evolution of my voice. Unfortunately, not in a way that transformed my singing as fit for anything beyond karaoke, but rather in my courage to use it. 

I have learned that in order to command respect from others, I must first respect myself in every sense of the word. A large part of this entails congruence between my beliefs, values, and actions—basically it requires being honest with myself. I find humility in being able to mess up, laugh at myself, and admit wrongdoings. In essence, I take solace in not knowing it all. 


I believe we should always be learning, in life, in work, in love, and in ourselves. Part of what guided my career choice was the infinite potential for growth and the opportunity to continuously be intellectually stimulated at my job. However just because I always have more to learn does not mean that I am lacking or don’t currently know enough. Here is where the mindfulness piece comes into play. Part of openly embracing the journey is acknowledging where I am on my undetermined path, recognizing that there are footprints behind me and unpaved roads ahead, but that right now is just as (if not more) important. 

In my “right now” I am scared, worried, insecure, and sad.

In my “right now” I am fulfilled, brave, fun, and happy.

Right now the complexities of my voice are still evolving, but that same voice can also stand apart and carry its own weight. I am a “don’t-know-it-all” and proud of it.

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It's o.k. not have it all figured out, to question, and to be unsure!

  • Get real about what you don't know or want to find more about. Keep a log or journal and allow yourself to be curious and questioning. See where this path leads you!

About Lauren

Lauren_Freier_Thumbnail.jpgLauren is a passionate writer, Beatles fanatic, celebrity gossip junkie, therapist, and mental health advocate.  Her personal and professional experiences in both LA and Chicago have inspired her dedication to emotional wellness, resiliency, and self-acceptance. She holds an MA in Clinical Psychology and is a therapist at InnerVoice Psychotherapy and Consultation, a Chicago-based private practice, as well as a social-emotional health educator at a non-profit organization.






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