An Unlikely Resurrection

My phone was dropped in the sink. OK, that�s a lie. It was the toilet, but it just sounds so gross that it�s far more PC to create a �villainous sink� as the culprit. Point being is we had just wrapped up an interview with Kate Bosworth on Extra and yes, I was a little too excited and a little too hungry because it had taken way longer than expected so I was in a frantic state of, �Gotta get me outta here before I eat one of the lovely camera man�s arms.� So, I unbutton my pants and my phone leaps out of my back pocket into the toilet and in 3.2 seconds flat, I had embarked on a suicide mission after her as I pulled her wet little body out, wiped her off and warmed her up under the automatic hand dryer. Needless to say, she went dark. Most likely shock, but no heartbeat, no bright white apple appearing on her screen and certainly no access to the exorbitant amount of contacts she had conveniently stowed.

After the brief �oh $%@$� moment had passed, I was on a mission to bring her back to life. The Genius Bar told me I might as well replace her, that she was literally damaged goods, and even if she turned on again, she�d never be the same. The second opinion I actually received from a fellow broken gadget owner at the Genius Bar, who quietly whispered in a hushed voice, �Or you can just put it in a bag of dry rice for a day or two and it will come out good as new. The rice helps it dry out and I�ve never heard of it not working, so I�d give it a shot.� I stared at them for the extra seven seconds that implied I couldn�t tell if they were kidding or not, so they followed up with a sweet smile and, �I know, it sounds crazy, but I promise, it works.� Upon further investigation, it looked to be a common practice and I figured I�d give it a whirl.

In less than 36 hours my iPhone was up and running. I remember looking into the bag of rice during those initial moments and thinking this was the most ridiculous thing I’d fallen for in a long time. I was singing a different tune, though, just two days later. Interestingly, I had a conversation with a dear friend going through a difficult breakup after a very long relationship. She admitted to feeling broken and didn’t know if she’d ever fully recover, heal or get back to the her old self as opposed to this crying, bonbon munching, broken-hearted version. That’s when it dawned on me; sometimes when we are broken, betrayed, damaged or mistreated, it’s not in the traditional way that we fully recover. The process may feel like it’s not working, and that it’s futile or downright stupid to believe we’ll ever be the same, but maybe that’s exactly where our faith in life’s ironic sense of humor kicks in.

I don’t know what it takes to heal a heart, but I do have faith that it’s possible and maybe it can be found in the most unlikely places or people, situation or experiences. Who knew a bag of white rice would save my phone? Sometimes our saving grace, our resurrection in love’s hope and our full recovery lies on an ordinary pantry shelf and we just need the patience to allow our life’s “damage” to dry out and heal. You see, I don’t believe that we are ever fully broken, damaged beyond repair. I think we are far more resilient than we could ever imagine and we just need to grant ourselves permission to sit back, collect our thoughts, connect to ourselves and just be. When you’re ready to turn back on you will, but until then, take your time because everyone else can simply wait for the reboot.Images courtesy of,

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