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By Taylor Mead, Guest BloggerNovember 2, 2015
I absolutely love to shop. I love the lights in the stores, the music they play, and the search for the perfect item on sale. I don’t, however, like the layout. It is one thing that really upsets me when I go into many stores these days.
By layout I don’t mean I don’t enjoy having to walk from the shoes to the accessories or that I wish they would put all similar items together, but I cannot stand the fact that there is a separate section for “plus-size” men and women. That’s the part I hate about the layout.
I couldn’t imagine having to walk into a store and go to a special section described as “plus” just so I could find my size. We live in a country where we are beginning to embrace all body types and that’s a beautiful thing. But clothing stores, or at least most, do not promote this idea of body acceptance.
clothing stores, or at least most, do not promote this idea of body acceptance
In an effort to change the way women experience shopping, ModCloth removed its plus-size section in order to make “a more inclusive shopping experience.” Yes, I mean it! The ModCloth website removed its plus-size section and instead mixed “plus” sizes with all the others.
“We had people asking, 'Where do I find the plus sizes? What section do I go to?" Susan Gregg Kroger, ModCloth co-founder, told, adding that the “plus-size” customers were thrilled by the simple fact that they would soon be able to shop with their friends instead of having to go to another section.
And why should anyone have to do that? Shopping should be an experience that everyone can love without having to feel excluded. I can only hope that, in time, men and women of all shapes and sizes will be fully embraced and included in every aspect of life but especially in clothing stores, a place where people should be able to be excited and feel beautiful in the things they try on.

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