Am I Falling Behind?

By: Chelsey Reardon, IATG ContributorAugust 18, 2016


Twenty six hit hard this year. It’s been a year of shifting and learning and breaking and rebuilding. Twenty five looked pretty similar. Your twenties are challenging. For many of us, they are years of trial and error (emphasis on the error). At least my twenties, thus far, have proven this to be true.

I’m constantly changing my mind and switching directions. I’ve learned a lot about myself — a lot about what I love, what I believe, what I value most, and what I potentially want in a partner, a career, and in life. I haven't exactly pieced it all together, but I can see the person I want to be. I can see the girl I envision at the end of my 5 year plan — that girl is finally in reach.

It’s hard not to rush at her. It’s difficult not to want to be her now. I have to remind myself that it’s a process and that all good things take time. A strong, independent woman isn’t built overnight.

THAT girl is not just born; she’s created.

Although I know this, I still find myself getting caught up in a race to the finish line. My best friends are getting married, babies are being born, companies started, passions uncovered, and it’s easy to panic because I don’t have any of those things. I haven’t found them yet.

The biggest fear I’m plagued with at this current stage in my life is the fear of falling behind. There are days where I genuinely fear that it won’t happen for me. I let this fear creep into my day to day conversations and decision making. I start believing that I may not be made to find any of the things I see my peers finding. And what’s worse is, I fear that I’ll end up settling just to keep up.

We live in a society that sets the pace for our lives. Whether we like it or not, there is a suggested timeline that we feel we have to live by. There is pressure to meet mile markers in a somewhat timely fashion. The weight of this timeline is heavy. These mile markers can prove detrimental to living your authentic life. You have to give yourself time to find what’s right for you.

Don’t settle.

Bottom line, we all have time. We owe it to ourselves to be patient in the uncovering of an exceptional life, because it will most always prove to be worth the wait.

My story is different from all of my girlfriends. I choose the mile markers on my timeline. I set the pace if I want to. The pressure of falling behind is only real if I make it real. I owe it to myself to not choose a career out of fear or a relationship out of desperation to keep up. I deserve this trial and error time to grow into who I’m meant to be. Just because it isn’t happening today, doesn’t mean I’m not going to do something incredible with the time I’ve been given.

You were put here to live an authentic life true to you, because there is only one YOU. Honor that. Give it time to present itself. This world needs your gifts and your story when you’re ready to share them and not a second before or after that. It’s all going to happen exactly when it needs to happen. You’re never behind.


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Take some time today to simply be. We’re always rushing to make it to the next stage in life, but it’s time to appreciate the now. Stop worrying. Stop rushing forward. Simply be.

About Chelsey:

Chelsey.jpgChelsey Reardon graduated from Belmont University with a business degree. She is currently trying to maneuver through this whole adulthood thing by way of trial and error. Her loves are yoga and writing.


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