After a Breakup, Who Gets the Friends?


Awhile back, I was preparing to throw a fantastic dinner party and had to make a decision on the guest list as I prepared to mail out the invitations. There was one name in particular that I stared at for quite some time, unsure what to do. He had become a dear friend of mine and someone I really enjoyed having in my life, but I met him through �the ex.�

I contemplated on the "appropriateness" of including him at the dinner party table as he would be integrated with many chapters of my life, including family members. Then I realized at least five of my other potential attendees also shared a common thread. I am a personable young lady who appreciates developing relationships with those I can immediately relate to and I happen to develop these relationships beyond the relationship status of my lovers.

So naturally, I posted his name on the envelope and placed it in the mail. I prepared for the backlash that might come from those who feel when you experience a breakup, it is best to pack up all of your things, including your friendships, and go your separate ways. People and relationships certainly run deeper than the egg poacher or margarita machine that might have been shared by a couple. I'll take the poacher and you can have all the margaritas you want, but I don't want to have to end some fantastic friendships just because a relationship ran its course.

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