Accepting Happiness

By: Claire4Clarity, Guest Blogger

“Be happy with what you have and are, be generous with both, and you won't have to hunt for happiness.”

-William E. Gladstone

Let go and love you. I am happy with my life. These simple sentences are weighty. Yet, until recently, I never voiced the words. I prayed for a blissful life, for joy and contentment, but not once did I say 'I am happy with my life.'  Unfortunately, this approach was blemished so I never received significant results. Now a new year is upon us I determine to invoke happiness no matter what.

Asking for contentment signified it was somewhere distant. In fact, the ingredients for happiness were within my five-foot body all along; I just had to create the right circumstances to achieve my goals. These meaningful words can deliver major inconspicuous benefits, especially when you are beleaguered by the vagaries of daily life. I immediately felt an overall serenity once the words were proclaimed. It felt absolutely miraculous. Repeating this daily affirmation is now a customary part of my daily routine.

Paying attention to your inner self and taking care of you should be your priority. In order to be in high spirits you must fortify your life condition. This means taking time each day for self-reflection. Some people feel it is more important to take care of others before themselves. However, this is an erroneous approach. In order to give of yourself, you have to give to yourself. It is not an egotistical endeavor spending precious time taking care of you. Happiness will never be attained if worry and care is only invested for others but not for self. You must seek to live life from the inside out not the outside in.

I recently met a young man who said his job involved caring for others. He said he did not know what he was doing wrong, but he had no vigor left at the end of the day. He spent extensive days helping his clients to get back on their feet and was abused and disrespected even though he was giving his all. After sharing his experience with a friend, he was surprised by their response. His friend told him he needed to stop what he was doing because his actions were causing him to suffer. Instead, he was advised to strengthen his life from the inside out. He had no idea he was using the wrong approach. After deep reflection he decided to change his behavior and is finally feeling energized in his life. He is feeling happy at last because he had the courage to change.


Happiness is something you have to work to achieve. Having all the treasures in the world does not guarantee one's joy in life. There will always be suffering in life, but that does not mean you have to let it consume you. Take each day as it comes, live in the moment. Bring optimism to your corner of the world. Your future is determined by the choices you make today. Live in the now and keep moving forward with a carefree spirit. Make your life the fulcrum from where happiness spreads.

Let go, be happy with your life and love you.

Let's Chat! Do you have trouble accepting happiness? Either moments or in your life? Try embracing your joy without guilt or judgement and tell us about what you learn here!

About Claire

FullSizeRender.jpgClaireForClarity is a Mount Holyoke College, Frances Perkins Scholar class of 1999. After she graduated she chose to take care of family and home. Claire manages her daughter’s online home school program, blogs, and watches Korean dramas in her spare time.





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