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By: Ryan Roberts, Guest Blogger

I love to read. My perfect day is cuddling up in a soft throw, wearing my fuzzy socks, sipping (or guzzling) tea, and reading a book that I can get lost in.

When I was in the 6th grade at Sawtooth Elementary in Mr. Hoy's class I read a book that lit my mind on fire. To this day I cannot recall the name of the book, but it inspired me to start writing. My father had just been arrested and sent to prison, and I needed to escape from reality for a little while. Reading kept me from going crazy at a time when girls were the meanest and my family was falling apart. Fiction saved me. Those make believe stories allowed me to escape from reality just long enough to keep my sanity and pushed me to keep moving forward.

The book in Mr. Hoy’s class sparked something in me, so I started writing. Ever since, my mom is always telling me that I need to write a book, but how do you even begin?
After finishing two books in about three days (Again! And thank you Veronica Roth for writing Divergent and Insurgent! If you haven’t read them yet…DO!) I started thinking about how if I started writing things myself maybe I wouldn't be so sad when every book ended. The reason that I say this is because it takes a long time to write 80,000 words that somebody else actually wants to read, which means there is no time to be sad (theoretically of course). Would it be strange for a marketing major who has two AA degrees in Political Science & Business to write a fictional story? I always thought so, but maybe not.

 I am working on building my main character. Sounds easy, right? It's not. If I am going to live in this person’s head for the next who knows how long I sure as hell better like her. There are so many factors to consider, from her physical traits, to her emotions, preferences, name, family, the world she lives in, etc. I finally have a general idea of where I am going with things, but I'm sure I will change my mind thirty more times. But, that's the fun of writing. I am literally creating a world that may be someone’s escape.


About Ryan

ryan.jpgI am a Boise State University senior working toward a marketing BBA & a political science AA. I am extremely outgoing & optimistic. My passion tends to consume me, I drink too much tea, & I love football more than most things.








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