A True Ironman

By Amanda Vining, Regular ContributorOctober 5, 2015

My friend, Cameron Bean, passed away on September 21 at the age of 28 after being involved in a motorist/pedestrian accident. Cameron was a professional runner who had been coaching his father, Steve Bean, in training for an Ironman race. Their intention was to run the race as a father-son duo. Unfortunately, Camerons passing came one week before the Ironman he had planned to run with his father.

One day after the memorial service for his son, Steve Bean ran the Ironman race, an event he almost pulled out of after the tragedy of the week before.

Running to the support of the crowd cheering him on, Steve crossed the finish line and completed the race for which his son had spent a year helping him train.


image via eu.ironman.com

Steve Bean is THAT GUY, because he chose to get up on Sunday morning, one week after he lost his son, and make his way to the starting line. He chose bravery and courage over letting himself crumble. He honored his sons life and work by finishing the joint venture they had taken on.

Steve Bean is THAT GUY, because he recognized that he had control over his reaction to his sons death. He chose to react with productivity, humility, and positive action. He chose to not only show up to the starting line, but to cross the finish line.

Steve Bean is THAT GUY, because he rose to the occasion, fought amidst the pain of losing his son, and finished the trying race in his sons honor. He exhibited perseverance, resilience, and strength.

Like his father, Cameron was an amazing person who greeted each day with positivity and enthusiasm.

Both Camerons legacy and Steves tribute are reminders that we all have a choice to make every day; a choice to decide our attitude, to show up, and to live to our utmost potential.

By finishing the Ironman for which he and his son had planned to run together, Steve Bean has set an example by which to be inspired. It’s an example to stand up in the face of adversity, live every day to the fullest, and appreciate the support of those around us. Not only was the Ironman race a difficult physical feat, for Steve Bean, it was also a great emotional endeavor. In popular culture, Ironman is a superhero. In reality, Steve Bean is a superhero.

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