A Touchdown for Women Everywhere

By Susannah Hutcheson, Regular ContributorAugust 29, 2015

I was raised around football. A decent portion of my childhood memories come from sitting on my dad’s shoulders as he coached football practice, hanging out in the stinky locker room reading books, and spending every single Friday night on the bleachers- whether I was at one of my dad’s games, my mom’s, or my own. I love it. I may not understand all of it, but I love it.

However, there is no question that football is boy country. Never in my life have I seen a female official, a female coach, or a female on the sidelines that wasn’t a trainer or a cheerleader.

Football is traditionally a male sport- but how many women love it, too? Don’t you think that Sandra Bullock’s Leigh Anne Tuohy would have made a better coach on “The Blind Side” than the man who was? (I do).

This past month, the Arizona Cardinals debuted Jen Welter- the new inside linebacker coach. At the same time, Sarah Thomas became the first full-game female official in the NFL. Both of them are more than qualified for their new positions.


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Welter has been a 14-year veteran of the Dallas Diamonds, where she played linebacker. She also played running back and special teams for the Texas Revolution of the Indoor Football league. Sarah Thomas isn’t new to refereeing either- she has worked in preseason NFL games and was also the first woman to officiate a college game.

As these two women made their way on to the field for a preseason game, there was certainly a lot of history being made. The women shook hands and in the words of ESPN,

“This was no everyday meeting. More of a barrier-breaking one. Once a men's-only world, the NFL entered a new era Saturday night.”

There is a lot of controversy around the feminine addition to “America’s sport,” with crowds of people arguing that football is a man’s sport. However, I say- let us in. We love it just as much as you do.

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