A Thank You to Cross-country

By Olivia Gardner, Regular ContributorNovember 15, 2015


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Thank you.

Four years. Freshman year to senior year. One female coach freshman to sophomore year, one female head coach junior to senior year, one male head coach, a various amount of athletes, and being captain with three of the best people.

Pasta parties, girls’ nights, lunch dates, Saturday morning runs, Friday game nights, Sonic trips, Harvest Moon Triathlons, movie nights, Frisbee, football, pool parties, sharks and minnows, driving girls home and talking about life, texting each other when needing help, sitting on couches and laughing hysterically, singing and dancing to music of the time, dinners, and banquets.

Memories made that will never be forgotten.

Thank you.

To my co-captains that taught me how to lead, how to bring a team together, how to care so much for so many people, how to encourage and motivate people to work and push themselves above the pain to become stronger, how to lead a team to state, and how to be myself...Thank you.

You are truly amazing leaders and inspiring people.

To my coaches who trained us to be our best, to never give up, and to be there for each other. To coaches who supported and never doubted anyone, in fact, believed in everyone when they didn’t believe in themselves; coaches who were there to just talk to about life and listen, but also cheer up and laugh and be funny when needed... Thank you.

To my team who I am inspired and motivated by. You ladies and gentlemen all have so many different personalities to bring to the table. I am honored to have been able to get to know so many of you, whether on runs at summer night practice or school practice, interval workouts, hill workouts, pasta parties, or drives. To have been able to lead a team and watch you guys grow from your first practice when you didn’t really believe in yourself to now when you might only have some doubt here and there like we all do. To be able to write you all letters or talk to you before a race is something I’ll always hold close, because everyone needs encouragement and it’s something you can keep and look back on.

To a team that is wonderful and full of talent and will keep striving and doing their best, I love all of you.

Four years. Cross-country.

There are no words, but thank you.

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When you look back, what or who has inspired you in the past four years? Have you told them? Tell us below!

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OLIVIA_GARDNER_writer_bio.jpgOlivia is a senior in high school from Colorado. She's involved with cross-country and is one of the captains for the girls' team. Sci-Tech also plays a big role in her life. She enjoys doing puzzles, yoga, and finding inspiring stories anywhere about people making the world a better place. She finds peace in cooking and baking because she can just satisfy her taste buds. She's always up for the moments when she can just blast some music and dance and sing with no cares or worries in the world. She loves life and loves the moments when she is able to relax and enjoy it for a little bit. Her blog about life and inspirations is https://lalalifelove.wordpress.com/


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