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Ever wish you had an easy as well as anonymous way to get expert advice and info that was actually relevant to your situation? Well, have we got the site for you! We’re the co-founders of ChickRx, an online community where women can ask questions and then get answers from top experts and peers. Here are a couple of recent questions our site has answered.

Question: Why am I only attracted to emotionally unavailable guys?

Dr. Ramani Durvasula (Licensed Clinical Psychologist) answered: Relationships are mirrors, so choosing the emotionally unavailable ones may be reflective of you not being ready to share your emotional world with another. And that�s OK. It's a process, and it feels scary to open up that part of yourself and risk getting hurt. Getting hurt is part of the cycle; broken hearts do recover. I also think our society incentivizes men to not be emotionally available, so they have their own burdens to bear in this area. Take a step back and reflect on the kinds of things you look for in a partner. How much are you caught up in the "checklist" that society wants you to have, and how much is you looking for an authentic person, regardless of how they look on paper? Be patient with yourself, enjoy meeting people, and have some fun with it.

Question: Any tips for overcoming nervousness and bringing your A game when presenting during meetings, speeches, presentations, etc?

Daniela Tempesta, LCSW (Psychotherapist) answered: One thing that can be particularly useful in preparing for any nerve-wracking situation like speeches, meetings or tests is to do a guided visualization prior to the event itself. This would involve closing your eyes and engaging in some deep breathing to first calm down your nervous system. I would recommend breathing in for four counts and breathing out for four counts. The next step would be to visualize yourself successfully preparing for the event itself. You want to visualize yourself walking into the situation confident and calm. Then envision yourself partaking in the activity seamlessly. Do this a few times before the event. Positively visualizing an event before it happens helps to soothe your nerves and build confidence. It increases the likelihood that you will actually be successful in your delivery because you already have a positive visual in your mind of your ability to do so. Using positive visualization has been helpful to many of my clients for many things including taking the GMAT, talking to a boss about a raise or preparing for a surgery.

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