A Letter for the Stressed Student

By Susannah Hutcheson, Regular ContributorDecember 2, 2015


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Dear you,

You’ve been a little stressed lately, no? A little weary? A little tired of being pulled in so many directions?  

I’m sure you have a ton of homework due, a lot of studying to do, a lot of people to see. The post-Thanksgiving, pre-Christmas bloat is making your pants tighter. Waking up for school is getting just a little harder, because it’s almost time for break. The desire for a Netflix and cake marathon is definitely at peak level. You’re trying to decide what grade you HAVE to get to make a good grade in the class, and how to stretch that last little bit of money for two weeks.

But you should stop worrying, and instead you should take a minute.

You should breathe and make a cup of tea and watch an episode of Netflix. Realize that while, yes, grades are important- they aren’t everything. A bad grade doesn’t define you, and neither do a few extra pounds or a low bank account.

Instead, let (you) define you. Rise above the stress and the essays and the pile of laundry that’s been sitting in the corner of your closet for two weeks.

Spend a couple extra minutes waking up in the morning. Take the time to take care of yourself, maybe swipe on some mascara, or spray a little perfume. Don’t let yourself get rushed, but give yourself a haven in the mornings before the business of the day starts.

Listen to your music walking across campus, but don’t disconnect yourself from the world around you. Put your phone in your pocket and smile at strangers and take it all in. Don’t be one of those people with their faces buried in a screen, walking crooked lines, and running into people.

Eat well. Don’t subsist off of ramen noodles, even when the bank account is dwindling. Cook some chicken, steam some vegetables. Make yourself a priority.

Breathe. Don’t forget that you come first.

Let's chat!

How do you handle the stressful days? What do you do to unwind? Tell us below!

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