A Girl’s Guide to Living in the Moment

I got knocked off my feet after falling ill during the summer of 2010 and it took a solid year for me to really feel normal again. Getting well was an uphill battle, but I fought every single step of the way. Going through a period of weakness and fragile health forced me to reflect on how I was previously living my life. It also brought to my attention how I would want to live my life if I was blessed with a second chance to feel normal again.

After being released from the hospital, I was unable to eat, kept losing weight, lived in severe pain and felt exceedingly weak. I remember even feeling defeated. I wanted to give up. I remember thinking that I was stuck and wondering: when will this be over? I also thought that I didn't want to live if this was going to be my life. Thankfully, I had a breaking point, a moment where I told myself that I wanted to get better and most importantly, that I would get better. I recognized that I had the will to fight. From that moment I on, I chose to focus on getting better each day. I looked at each day as a day I was healing, getting closer to good health and normalcy instead of looking at each day as being sick.

This mentality has forever changed me and has given me the courage, strength and tenacity to get through my lowest moments and to fearlessly go after my dreams. I had always placed my health second after my career and learned the hard way. I always felt like there would be a tomorrow and I would put off going after what I really wanted or spending time with the people I cared most about.

If I can share anything with you, it would be to take care of yourself first, do only what you love and spend time with the people you love. If you hate your job, then go after what you really want. If you need to say you're sorry to someone, don't hold off until tomorrow. If you want to spend your time with the people you love, then do it now. Just be grateful for each day.

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