A Change in the Weather

By Allison Annala, Regular Contirbutor October 20, 2015


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No matter how hard I try to remain positive, sometimes I can still feel the cloud hovering. You know the cloud; the issue causing you to focus really hard on being positive, the thing that’s weighing on you, the concept you keep coming back to, the reason you felt the urge to fight the darkness in the first place?

Sometimes, those underlying issues we are trying so hard to forget about are petty things that deserve to be washed out by an inspirational quote or the right song at the right time. And sometimes, that’s easy enough.

Life snaps back into perspective when you hear those words of clarity that bring you back to your usual bright eyed, self.

When that happens, all seems right in the world again and our clouds float away as if a cool breeze just decided, “Nope, you don’t need that struggle in your life. Let’s move on.”

Other times, however, the cloud coverage in our lives is thicker for some reason, and it seems as if no gust of wind will carry the clouds away.In these times, we wonder what amount of sunshine could possibly break through this wall of clouds, this fog that has us crippled, because something, deep down, is weighing on us.

When this happens, it’s our duty as humans to address our inner struggle, to find out what’s causing the pain and to confront the fog head on.  Sometimes the cool breeze of an inspirational quote is not enough to heal our hearts. In this case, we must look for the sunshine.

The sunshine and the wind can come in all shapes and sizes. It can appear in the form of a person or in perspective.

Sometimes it shows itself as a resolution we’ve been looking for. It may be a change in situation, a change in direction, or a change in our attitude. Whatever the situation, we must be willing to accept the wind and the sun as it comes to us. We cannot build up walls of despair that shut out the change in the atmosphere. That defense mechanism, though it may seem protective of our hearts and souls, will not allow for a brighter sky, but simply a darker cavern for us to crawl away to.

In times of darkness, when our hearts are looking desperately for a change in the weather, trust that the sunshine will appear when you’re ready for it.

Know that you are capable of breaking through your clouds and don’t be afraid to ask for a little help if the wind isn’t gusting enough to clear your sky.

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What things in your life are making your days cloudy? What form of sunshine helps you most? Tell us below!

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ALLISON_ANNALA_writer_bio_(1).jpgA gymnast since age 4, Allison uses the life lessons learned through the sport to help young women discover their greatness! She is a huge advocate for girls and women, particularly when it comes to body image and self-worth! Along with coaching, Allison now teaches at her Alma Matter, the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater. She loves sharing her passion for gymnastics with women of all ages and her passion for life and love on her blog www.allison-lifeisbeautiful.blogspot.com. She is so thrilled to be an advocate for IATG and can’t wait to help inspire women all over the world!  


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