A Bellism Reminder

We forgot a long time ago. We forgot that we're on the same team, fighting for the same things. We somehow were convinced to be threatened by each other, to fear the "successful" and hate the"pretty." We forgot the concept of "sisters" altogether.

Bellism is our reminder; it's our wake-up call, our screaming alarm. Now I could get technical and explain the epiphany I had sitting in my grad school class, my academic realization contrasting this 21st Century movement to that of the past feminist waves, but I'd rather not bore you with pedantic jargon.

I'd rather focus on what being a Bellist means for you, for me and for every other girl I know. I basically got sick of unrealistic, unattainable expectations of a Victoria's Secret body that I'll never have nor any of my friends for that matter (except my high school best friend, Frannie who could eat an entire stack of pancakes, pizza as well as chocolate cake... and still have a six-pack). I also got fed up with girls being so mean to each other, so unbelievably catty and backstabbing. Rather than focusing on our strengths, our passions, making a difference in the world and contributing our talents, we're distracted by never being thin enough, pretty enough or having the latest three thousand dollar BCBG sundress. Worse, we pretend we have it all together instead of being vulnerable and admitting we really don't know what the hell we're doing.

So we have a new battle, a new fight in front of us and it's not about trying to be equal with men (though that battle was incredible and there are still more strides to be made there). Somehow we got confused somewhere and turned on each other, so Bellism is a much-needed reprogramming to the recent, mainframe mishap.

Bellism is a movement to shift our paradigm, join forces, combine our efforts and remind all women that we are in fact on the SAME team. We can accomplish a lot on our own, we can accomplish even more with a few, and we can accomplish the impossible if we're ALL onboard.

Bellism is inspiration to create a new definition of "beautiful." A definition that is timeless, effortless and one that can be applied to ALL of us. It's a reminder that our physical beauty is but one slice of the pie that makes us "beautiful."

We're on a mission ladies, and we need your help. We want our efforts, our time and our energy to be spent on changing our world for the better and becoming the best version of ourselves, not wasting anymore time fighting among ourselves. It's time we refocus, regroup and rethink our strategy. In order to fully realize the "impossible" dreams we're conjuring up, the lofty goals we want to achieve and the global issues we want to solve - BELLISTS MUST UNITE!

We have a mission far bigger than ourselves where we're going to change the world, and it wouldn't be half as fun if you weren't a part of it. So, get up and TRUST you'll never be the same again because none of us will be.


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