A Baseball Debut for the Books

By Brian Conn, Guest BloggerSeptember 20, 2015

Four time all-american.

Gold and silver olympic medalist.

Career record holder for batting average, hits, and home runs at Stanford.

These are just a few accolades that Jessica Mendoza has acquired over her prestigious career, though none comparable to her most recent achievement.

Mendoza just became the first female analyst for MLB Sunday Night Baseball, a feat that will “change the game” for women in the baseball community forever.  

In Jessica’s debut not only did she make history, but she also called history. Jake Arrieta, a pitcher for the Chicago Cubs, threw a no-hitter, which was called beautifully by an analyst that was also making history. “Magical” is how Jessica described her groundbreaking night. Though whatever word you want to use, a no hitter on this night is clearly a gift from the baseball gods, congratulating Jessica for her contribution to baseball.  

Jessica Mendoza, along with women everywhere, are winning battles small and large almost daily in the sports world. It’s as if there is a giant “women in sports” snowball that’s accumulating in size rapidly. If you were to ask Jessica 30 years ago if she would be a baseball analyst for ESPN, the odds are she would’ve said no way. But that didn’t stop her. She didn’t just throw in the towel. She made herself a force to be reckoned with.


image via ftw.usatoday.com

When it comes down to it, Mendoza is good at what she does, and she’s passionate about the game. She has much more knowledge than any guy that attempts to discredit her abilities just because they hear a higher pitched voice through the television. Her talent and humility serves as a perfect model for young females everywhere.

Her actions give a simple message: if you’re good at something and you love it, then do it.

If you want to be a baseball player, do it. If you want to be a musician, do it. If you want to be president, do it. Question those who say that you can’t do something, especially if their reasoning is as insignificant as not being the “right” gender.

Have a desire that shadows doubts and a love that forgets worries. Have a passion that gives others no reason to wonder if you can do the impossible.

Be crazy. Crazy is what changes the world.

Be scared. Let your love for something take you into a world that is unknown and uncertain.

Be humble. Remember where you came from and who helped you along the way.

Be selective in your hearing. Listen to those who offer constructive criticism and tune out those who aim to bring you down.

All in all, love what you do, because if you do that, you cannot fail.

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