A 13 Year Olds Stance on White Feminism

By Luana Mattos, Regular ContributorSeptember 3, 2015

Rowan Blanchard is a 13-year-old girl who defines passionate. This is true not only for her work on “Girl meets the world,” but also in everything she does –she is a vocal activist and an ambassador for the #TeamHeForShe. You can see this on the essay she posted on her Tumblr and Instagram accounts.

Most celebrities would rather avoid questions related to social issues, because once you expose your opinion on a difficult subject, you are signing up for multiple collateral effects.

People that agree with you will praise for what you said, but those who don’t agree with you, will make the worst out of it.

Here's the essay she posted:

grnblu asked: Row, I wanted to ask your opinion on the term "white feminism" and how common feminism might exclude women of color and non cis/queer women (ex: women are stronger because they have periods! or men don’t have to think about how they dress when in public!)

Rowan could have avoided this question, but she chose to use her fame as a Disney starlet as a tool to reach the masses and discuss such an important topic. We are all glad she did it.




images via Uma foto por Rowan Blanchardem Ago 22, 2015 às 12:31 

I think we all could agree by now that being a feminist means fighting for equality and justice no matter to whom. Of all the definitions of feminism online this one, in my opinion, says it all: “The basic idea of Feminism revolves around the principle that just because human bodies are designed to perform certain procreative functions, biological elements need not dictate intellectual and social functions, capabilities, and rights. Feminism also, by its nature, embraces the belief that all people are entitled to freedom and liberty within reason--including equal civil rights--and that discrimination should not be made based on gender, sexual orientation, skin color, ethnicity, religion, culture, or lifestyle.” Urban Dictionary

I don't know where or when this whole idea of how our society should work started, but I know where and when it ends. It ends right here and right now! It ends with you and I. It ends with this generation embracing not only feminism, but humanism!

Let's chat! 

How can we readjust the term feminism to better incorporate all? How can we work to be more inclusive? Tell us below!

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