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In part of SoulPancake’s new video series, #ThatsWhatHeSaid, men gather around a table to discuss issues such as sexism, catcalling, and consent. In a world that prides itself on being so open, the discussion of women’s issues really doesn’t happen enough. Why not?

In the video, men spoke about the many times that they had seen unfair issues women had to face. One man spoke of how he was catcalled walking down the street at night, but he felt like he could talk back because of his size and stature. A woman? Not so much.

Another man spoke of how sex is given to them. The woman gives, and the man takes.  They spoke of the social constructions that anchor these things to be, and how easy it is to slip into misogynistic words in the society we live in. One man said that he runs around the park at night in short shorts and no shirt, but he will see women on the trail with flashlights and sweaters.

The world women live in is a little more tense and a little scarier than the one that men live in. It’s naïve to think otherwise.

The biggest problem regarding this is simply that it’s not talked about enough.

The differences in the streets that men and women walk are obvious. On the same streets that men walk without fear, women hold their keys in between their fingers and a bottle of pepper spray in their bags.

We have to talk about these things.

We have to talk about issues of consent, issues of safety, issues of sexism. Without talking, there is no fixing. Without fixing, there is no recovering. Without recovering, there is no healing.

Thank you to SoulPancake for talking about it.

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Do you talk about safety, sexism, and consent? Why or why not? How can we engage in these conversations more? Tell us below!

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