By Susannah Hutcheson, Regular ContributorNovember 11, 2015


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As a little girl, my life was basically consumed by gymnastics. I still remember the feel of the blue, spring floor under my feet, trying to balance on the beam, attempting flips on the long trampoline. I was obsessed with the U.S. gymnastics team at that time- Shawn Johnson, Nastia Liukin, and Carly Patterson were 100% my role models. How could they not be?

Talk about some incredible women- strong, dedicated, and beautiful.

This last week, the U.S. Gymnastics Team won Worlds and basically cemented their spot as the front-runner for the Olympics in Rio next summer. The team took to Twitter afterwards to celebrate their win- and each other. They exemplified teamwork and the kind of friendships that we all need to strive for:

friendships that build each other up, congratulate each other’s successes, and exemplify collaboration and excitement.

The Olympics aren’t for almost a year, but I vote that we take that time to reap and sow friendships and relationships like the ones that the U.S. Gymnastics Team have with one another- celebrating each other’s strengths, weaknesses, wins, and losses. Why spend any time chasing friendships that are full of (unhealthy) competition, rumors, and gossip? Cultivate love this week!

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Have you been following the success of the gymnastics team? How can we follow the gymnastics team's idea of collaboration over competition? Tell us below!

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