By Susannah Hutcheson, Regular Contributor October 3, 2015

Oh, award shows. They’re my guilty pleasure. My favorite part is watching audience reactions and acceptance speeches and getting to know what these actors and musicians are passionate about. In the last few years, I have basically stopped watching the pre-shows. I felt like every question was so superficial-

“What are you wearing?”

“When did you cut your hair?”

“What have you been doing to lose weight?”

Then, predictably, every stunningly beautiful dress ends up in some sort of spread where ‘fashion critics’ talk about how unflattering this one is, how daring this one is, how stunning this one is.

However, when we take a step back, we realize these artists are at award shows being recognized for their work.

Some of them play deeply emotional roles in movies and on television, while some make us laugh until we cry. Some of them write songs and play music that make our souls ache in the best way. Some of them are working meticulously in the wings to make sure that each scene flows seamlessly and that a song plays on screen at the right time to maximize its emotional impact.

But still, we ask about their hair and makeup and weight and dresses. I’m not saying that those aren’t valid topics- I love to know the details of intricate beading and pretty tulle trains. However, I also love to know what makes people tick. Where do their passions lie? Why did they start acting? What makes them angry and happy and sad? What advice would they give?

Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls decided to bring better questions to the Emmy’s this year with #SmartGirlsAsk.


image via minq.com

Instead of focusing on physical perfections and imperfections, they asked questions ranging from what book they would recommend everyone read to how to believe in yourself. They asked what the women were most proud of in their lives and how to shatter the glass ceilings above their heads.

The answers they got were answers. They weren’t names of designers, brands of weight loss tea, or without enthusiasm. They shared the importance of loving yourself, writing, and running towards life with full force. Those are the kinds of questions we should be asking on the red carpet.

(But I mean, hey… I kind of want to know who designs those shoes, too. Even though I probably couldn’t afford them).

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What questions would you like to hear on the red carpet? What was your favorite question asked this year? Tell us below!

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