#InnerStyle: What's Your Mirror Say?

By Jess Reedy, Guest BloggerNovember 14, 2015



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We all know the feeling. We look in the mirror and our eyes immediately gravitate to our soft, fluffy, squishy places. We try and discipline these soft spots. We try and make our soft spots thinner, fitter, and well… harder.

I recently wrote a note to myself on my full-length mirror that reads, “Allow yourself to be soft, so you can be comfortable. Allow yourself to be soft for others seeking a place to take refuge. Your softness is what allows people to rest with you.”

Have you ever experienced the vindicating and totally liberating feeling of scribbling a love note on your mirror? Whip out your Post-Its, your shaving cream, or (my favorite) your lipstick and write down exactly what your mirror should be telling you. Not sure where to start? Here are some of the love notes I have scattered around my bathroom and hallway mirrors:

“You’re a survivor.”

“You look sexy. Now enjoy a cupcake.”

“beautiful. beautyFULL. beYOUtiful.”

“think less about how you look, and more about what you DO.”

“Dear Judgement,

Let’s break up.


“You are enough.”

“You are more than your mistakes.”


So, what will your mirror say?

Let's chat!

What words of confidence do you need to hear? Have you written them on your mirror yet? Tell us below!

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JESS_REEDY_writer_bio.jpgJess is a business owner and IATG chapter leader in Wilmington NC where she teaches yoga and pottery. She loves the beach, her dog, and people who feel like soul sisters. She also considers herself a professional at brunch.


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