By Susannah Hutcheson, Regular ContributorAugust 7, 2015

I grew up a girl- in fact, most of us on this website did. For me, this meant running around outside with tangled hair and scabbed knees. It meant getting mud on my princess dresses and twirling around the kitchen floor. It meant dance recitals and sleepover parties, learning to braid, and refusing to wear anything but my red ballet slippers.

It also meant repeated embarrassments by my 4th grade teacher telling me to pull up the bra strap that had fallen down my 10-year old shoulder- saying it was distracting. Growing up a girl meant feeling instantly uncomfortable if I had to walk past a group of guys and sprinting to my yard when I left my neighbor’s house late.

Growing up a girl meant constantly being asked, “if I was on my period,” if I dared to be a little irritable.

Growing up a girl was great most of the time- filled with laughs and memories. However, there is absolutely no doubt or argument that it was difficult.

Recently, #growingupagirl began trending on Twitter- and, like so many other things on social media, it blew up. This Buzzfeed article shows some examples- http://www.buzzfeed.com/mlew15/21-times-growingupagirl-got-way-way-too-real-h0se#.uraPE2ybw.


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Isn’t it sad that the #growingupagirl hashtag on Twitter shows so much negativity surrounding growing up as a female? It highlights a lack of feeling safe, obsession with our moods, and a constant double standard on our looks. Why is this okay? Let’s focus on raising and being strong women who know their worth and their place in the world, which could be anywhere, and focus on raising men who respect women and appreciate them.

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How did you feel growing up a girl? What are some of your best and worst memories? Tell us below!

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