#ForTHATGIRL: Week 1 Recap

The first week of our biggest campaign ever was a smashing success thanks to you beauties! We launched #ForTHATGIRL on Tuesday, asking our communities, families and friends to stand with us for girls everywhere by sponsoring a girl for a year of IATG membership. Our goal is to get 4,000 girls sponsored, which sounds like a lot, but we're already raised over $46,000!
From mentions in InStyle, tweets from incredible women like Stacy London, to YOUR incredible stories on social media, our hearts have been filled with the outpouring of support for this mission. Have a look at what has been happening this week, and scroll all the way to the bottom of this post for a downloadable graphic to share on your Instagram.
We stand for girls, and we know you stand with us. Download our pledge by saving it your desktop or phone and posting it to Instagram, Facebook or Twitter with #ForTHATGIRL and your personal story about how I Am That Girl has changed your life. Together, we can reach our goal and change the world!

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