By Dana Zillgitt, Regular Contributor

It’s pouring here currently. There’s a tornado siren blaring somewhere, a flood warning coming through on my Android, and a whole lot of lightning.  I’m not used to weather, like actual real changing weather. It messes with my migraines. But the only thing I can think of is how lucky I am simply to be alive, to be breathing, and to have a network of people I care so deeply about. It’s like that cliché hashtag came to life right now. I’m so #blessed, #nofilter. Maybe even #lucky too. I’m not even sure anymore how many apply right now. I’m really, really lucky.

Now that all the clichés are out of the way, I’m still struggling to find my way here in Chicago. I don’t have many friends. I don’t get overly excited about work. And, I have a boy who lives 2000 miles away. It’s sometimes hard to realize that there’s something good in every day when so much is stressful or painful.

It’s hard to remember that even rainy days have rainbows somewhere, and it’s all about dancing in the rain sometimes, right?


But on days like today, when I have to remind myself that it does in fact get better, it’s sometimes nice to know that sometimes it really does.  

Let's chat! How do you get through the tougher days? What helps keep you going through life's storms? Share with us here!

About Dana

DANA_ZILLGITT.jpgDana has her BA in International Affairs & Spanish as well as a mild obsession with rescue animals and all things caffeinated. She’s mastered the art of the selfie, fort building, and even the sass battle. Plus, she can quote 95% of Anchorman and Zoolander.



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