5 Tips From Lea Michele On Boosting Your Confidence

By: Brianne Hogan, Guest Blogger August 14, 2015

Just in case you haven’t heard the good news: I AM THAT GIRL is doing an awesome collaboration with InStyle magazine called #InnerStyle, which features interviews with some of your favorite celebrities who are offering up their personal stories of struggle, triumph, and inspiration.

This month, IATG Co-Founder, Emily Greener interviews Lea Michele who imparts wise-beyond-her-years advice on confidence, staying positive, and loving yourself. Check out these five, energy-boosting bits of wisdom from Lea and then head on over to InStyle.com to read the full article!

Everyone struggles with insecurity, but it’s important to stay positive.

“I think that it’s completely normal and it’s completely natural for everybody to have these feelings. I think the best thing we can do when they happen is to decide how long they can stay and that’s when we can take control over ourselves and over our feelings. I don’t let them overwhelm me and I don’t let them control me and I don’t let them take over. I breathe it out, put a smile on my face, and before I know it, I’m inside having the greatest time and then it’s passed.”

It’s okay to have a bad day today because there’s always tomorrow.

“Whether I was sad or angry or upset, [my mom] would just say ‘Go for it! Be how you need to be. Just call it a day, that it’s an annoying day, and take care of yourself and feel how you’re feeling, and you’ll feel better tomorrow.”


image courtesy InStyle Magazine

Happiness and confidence are the best beauty tools you’ll ever need.

“When I feel really good on the outside, but most importantly the inside, there is like a peace and this like happiness, that kind of comes over me...When you’re really in a good place with yourself on the inside, there is just this happiness…I think it is because I am happy that then I feel good on the outside.”

You gotta love yourself.

“I take care of myself because I love myself. I have a really good relationship with me and I have a very clear understanding of the voice inside of me to know what I need, when I need it, how I’m feeling…To kind of stop, and be able to hear the voice inside of you that can really tell you what is best for you is hard to hear… No one knows you better than you.”

The key to success is…doing what makes YOU happy.

“Another thing that my mother always told me, ‘You just living your life, and you being

happy is the best way to success.”

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